What's Happening In The Galaxy Tonight:
Published June 15, 2017 | Past Issues
The Forest Witch
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Walloped on Wallops Island
Cloudy skies once again delayed the launch of the Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket from Wallops Island in Virginia.

The rocket, carrying 10 canisters of chemicals to be released in the atmosphere, has been scrubbed five times. The experiment, which would create artificially colored clouds, should help scientists study the way air moves at very high altitudes.

"The Weather Bureau has been predicting clear skies all week" said a scientist, "but these giant clouds appear out of nowhere! It's crazy!"

Some tourists who came to watch the launch were feeling bummed.

"I am feeling bummed", said the tourist. "We've been roasting marsh-mellows on our giant bonfire, hoping for a good show, but we've been disappointed every night! I hope they launch soon, I am running out of marsh-mellows."

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