Pizza Robot Rampage
POST #1 March 10, 2014Earth Calendar

Tragedy on Grekko Prime!

In a case of mistaken identity, Galactic Pizza delivery robot #PZ8 was arrested by the local authorities for outstanding parking tickets ... and we do mean "outstanding" since it totalled more than $15,672.32 in fines.

The police had in fact arrested the wrong robot.   The robot in question was from Solar Slices ("Home of the Original Solar Oven"), and not Galactic Pizza ("Anywhere in 30 Light Years in 30 Minutes or Less").   

The rightfully confused delivery robot tried to explain the error, but was wrestled to the ground and knocked his head on a lawn gnome. The resulting blow to the clinker triggered a system wide reset back to its default factory settings and after that, well, things went downhill.  

You see, this mild mannered collection of circuitry was originally programmed as a battlefield robot and quickly broke out of jail.  During his escape he caused billions of dollars in damage and destruction while trying to recover his pizza delivery shuttle at the spaceport.

He was last seen prowling the core systems looking for his Solar Slices nemesis.