ISSUE DATE : October 14, 2018

#92Midnight Mayhem at Bob's Robo-Repair : Part 3
An evil spirit takes over lower Manhattan.
#91Midnight Mayhem at Bob's Robo-Repair : Part 2
Sinister things are afoot in the West Village.
#90Midnight Mayhem at Bob's Robo-Repair : Part 1
Some robots need more help than you think.
#89The Tuesday Afternoon Cookie Caper
Seven year old Murray Boyd had a plan. The robots would pay the price.
#88The Shirazz Scourge!
When alien winemakers run amok in the Galaxy.
#87The Tortuga Pocket
A hidden pirate lair.

News From Your Tiny Planet [ Earth Edition ]

Mysterious Radio Bursts
In space, we can hear your loud radio.
Deteriorating Kepler Space Telescope Refuses to Die
Despite a few malfunctions and low on fuel, it keeps on going.
Twelve MORE Moons Discovered Around Jupiter
When you look up from your one moon planet, do you ever get Jupiter envy?
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